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Low body temperature sleep more soundly? Temperature 10 secrets

Release Date:1/15/2016Publisher:admin

Reference temperature, almost everyone knows the body´s normal body temperature is about 37 degrees Celsius. In addition, the United States, "Health News Daily," the latest Papers, information about the body you do not know some common sense.

1. Smoking causes the body temperature to rise. Cigarettes top temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius, the suction "hot smoke" causes lung temperature, lung difficult to play a role in helping the body heat, causing the core body temperature. After stopping smoking, body temperature will return to normal within 20 minutes.

2. When lying, nose warming. Although the lie does not make the nose longer, but researchers at the University of Granada, Spain by thermal imaging test results show that the anxiety caused by lying can cause nose and eye area around the temperature. Scientists call this phenomenon "Pinocchio effect."

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers will increase body temperature. Purdue University researchers found that red pepper helps to reduce appetite and increase energy consumption, and when the body burn more calories when the body temperature will rise temporarily. Not often eat chili population, this effect is reflected more obvious.

4. Low body temperature, sleep more soundly. Body temperature will affect the quality of sleep. The Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience, the scientists found that when skin temperature slightly lower when the sleep quality will be higher. The researchers gave participants were put on a special "cool clothes" to reduce skin temperature of about 1 degree Celsius. The results showed that participants were able to successfully enter the stage of deep sleep, wake up at night is no longer as numerous as in the past. In Insomniacs elderly participants were cooled skin improve sleep most significant effect.

5. Elderly relatively low temperature. Several studies have shown that with increasing age, the normal body temperature slightly. Temperature measurements Turkish researchers on 133 nursing homes for the elderly showed that 65 to 74 year-olds body temperature is lower than the general population average body, lower body temperature 75 to 84 years old, and 85 over the age temperature minimum. Some old people even less than normal body temperature of 36.94 degrees Celsius. Knowing this is important because some elderly people appear normal body temperature, may in fact be in a fever.

6. Body temperature to determine the time of death. Estimating time of death is one of the science and practice of forensic forensic most important issues. Within 10 hours after death, the body temperature drops one degree Celsius per hour, after 10 hours to reduce the 0.5 degrees Celsius per hour. About 24 hours later, the same body temperature and ambient temperature.

7. Children head by a large amount of heat. "British Medical Journal" published a study found that, once lost heat, the temperature is reduced, while the parts of the body temperature decreases the magnitude of basically the same. How much depends on the cooling head hair thick and so if a number of factors. However, due to the child´s head on the body surface area greater proportion of the overall surface, so the kids than adults more heat through the head.

8. Women are more winter cold hands and feet. When you exposure to a cold environment, in order to better protect vital organs, the heart, lungs and brain, etc., will be more blood flow to these areas, which will take place cold hands and feet. This temperature change is more obvious in that in women: a woman´s hands and feet cold faster rate than men.

9. Low-grade fever on the body there are certain advantages. American Academy of Family Physicians, said temperature at least 1 degree Celsius higher than normal body temperature is a fever. Once the fever, most people will be very worried. In fact, a fever is a disease of the body´s resistance to important physiological defense response, fever points on the body there are certain advantages. Of course, if a few days of high fever, should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. 6 months or more children, body temperature over 39.4 degrees, should see a doctor.

10. The lower the body temperature, anti-organ damage. One technique Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center researchers have developed a destination may reduce a patient´s temperature, to prevent the body suffer long-term damage. The implementation of this "hypothermia therapy" within four hours of a heart attack to prevent further damage to the body organs suffer.

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