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Sub-Health Condition – A New Killer of the 21 st Century

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What is a Sub-health Condition?
Sub-health condition is defined by the WHO (World Health Organization) as a state between health and disease
or a ‘gray state of health’, when all necessary physical and chemical indexes are tested negative by medical
equipments, things seem normal but the person experiences all kind of discomfiture and even pain.
From this definition, if there are signs of problems in your body, or some inadequacy with your emotion, social
ability, flexibility and attitude towards life, you are not healthy. Health is measured by a holistic condition.
WHO has pointed out that there are:
•  5% of the people are healthy in accordance with the healthy standard of WHO
•  20% have various diseases
•  75% are in the sub-healthy condition
The Sub-health Evolution
Human’s health condition is a continuing changing process from healthy, sub-healthy to disease. The condition

of health can be valued by figure below:

Signs and Symptoms of a Sub-health Condition

• fatigue easily                               • gastrectasia and gastralgia
• lack of concentration                    • neck and shoulder pain
• absent minded                             • insomnia and profuse dreaming
• dizziness and headache                  • cold hands and feet
• facial pain                                   • abundant hidropoiesis
• eyestrain                                     • constipation
• blurring vision                             • palpitation and shortness of breath
• stuffy nose and allergy                  • dizziness in car and boat
• dizziness when standing up,           • depression
• tinnitus                                       • easily annoyed and perplexity

The Harm of sub-health
When one’s body in a sub-health condition, his/her organs will undergoing aging and degrading process. If
neglected, he/she will have immunity breakdown and prone to illnesses like low-fever, sore throat, focusing
ability and memory declined, fatigue, hormone imbalance, neural regulation disorder etc.
What Can I Do?
According to health professionals, over 85% of disease and sub-health condition are related to declination of
body’s immune system. Therefore, boosting the immunity system is the best way to defend against harmful
infections and disease and promote body to healthy state.
◇ Form healthy life habits including alternate work with rest and do exercises;
Take balance diet that helps recuperate;
Take scientifically proven dietary supplements to accelerate recovery and build up immunity.

Health is a "resource for everyday life, not the objective of living"

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