Product Name:Portable Far Infrared Ray Sauna

Model No:ANP-329A/B(L)

Model Name:FIR Portable Sauna

Available colors:Silver, Golden, Blue, Red

Available sizes:Normal: 100*80*70cm ; Large : 104*81*85cm

Accessories:Sauna tent, Footpad, Foldable chair

Power:AC110-120V 1000W B ; AC220-240V 1000W A

Time setting:5-30 mins

Working temp:45-55℃

  • Feature
  • Advantages
    Foldable,no living space wasted. 
    Far Infrared, FIR Radiant Heat. 
    Equipped with a timer and heating level control.
    Design with four super conductive heating elements coated with carbon fiber heat - Activated FIR Material. 
    Only 1 minute to set up the sauna
    FIR material energy emission ( 97%)
    Low Operating Cost ,approximately $0.05 for 30 minutes use 
    Double thermal protection, safe and reliable.

    Relieves Pain

    Burns calories and Controls Weight
    Increases Blood Circulation
    Strengthens the Cardiovascular System
    Eases joint Pain and Stiffness
    Boosts immune system
    Clears Cellulite
    Removes Toxins and Mineral Waste
    Improves Skin
    Improves the immune system
    Removes stress and fatigue

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