Product Name:Far Infrared Vitality Cabin

Model No:VC-606

Model Name:Far Infrared Vitality Cabin

Available colors:Silver

Available sizes:Using: L84*W80*H103CM Storage: L103*W43*L5CM

Accessories:Ceramic Heaters, Foldable Chair

Power:AC100-120V 60HZ OR AC220-240V 50HZ 1600W(800W+800W)

Time setting:1-30 minutes

Working temp:65℃

  • Feature
  • Advantages
    Emits far infrared rays that warm the body directly instead of heating the air like steam saunas 
    Includes two powerful and efficient 800 Watt ceramic heaters (1600 Watts total) 

    Full far infrared heat output in 1 minute! No preheating is necessary.

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