Product Name:Far Infrared Neck & Shoulder Pad

Model No:MHP-E1215F

Model Name:Far Infrared Neck & Shoulder Pad

Available colors:Grey

Available sizes:29.8*22.5cm

Accessories:Gift Box


Time setting:5~90mins

Working temp:40~55°C

  • Feature
  • Advantages

    1.Applying far infrared ray carbon fiber, can produce 87% of far infrared ray.

    2.Embeded with tourmaline pellets that contains rich mineral materiall and microelement. So it can produce a lot of negtive ion,far infrared ray and comfortable bioelectricity.
    3.Embeded with 4 high energy magnetic pellets.

    4..Audio-visual. The time and temperature can be showed by the digital tube clearly on the control panel

    5.4.Soft and comfortable. Applying high quality super soft fleece for the cover.

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